Northern Rhodesian general election, 1944

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General elections were held in Northern Rhodesia on 29 September 1944.[1]


All constituencies were contested by more than one candidate with the exception of Broken Hill, where Labour Party leader Roy Welensky was returned unopposed.[2]

The incumbent members for Livingstone (F J Sinclair), Luanshya (Michael McGann) and Nkana (Martin Visagie) did not run for re-election.[2]


Constituency Candidate Votes % Notes
Broken Hill Roy Welensky Unopposed Re-elected
Livingstone and Western Hedley William Priest 223 69.91 Elected
Robert Hood Orr 96 30.09
Luanshya James Frederick Morris 406 50.50 Elected
Francis Edward John Patrick Murray 398 49.50
Midland Hugh Kennedy McKee 212 40.85 Re-elected
Marais von Eeden 183 35.26
Edwin Bernard Evans 124 23.89
Ndola Godfrey Pelletier 223 50.57 Re-elected
Charles Allan 218 49.43
Nkana Brian Goodwin 573 55.96 Elected
James Knock Wykerd 451 44.04
North-Eastern Thomas Spurgeon Page 94 51.93 Re-elected
Grant Bruce Robertson 87 48.07
South-Western Richard Ernest Campbell 95 51.35 Re-elected
John Milton Walker 90 48.65
Source: East Africa and Rhodesia[3]


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