Northern Rhodesian amalgamation referendum, 1922

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A referendum on amalgamation with Southern Rhodesia was held in Northern Rhodesia in February 1922 alongside Advisory Council elections.[1] The proposal was rejected by 82% of voters, who were generally in favour of the territory becoming a Crown Colony with a Legislative Council.[1]


Amalgamation was supported by Francis Chaplin, who was Administrator of both Northern and Southern Rhodesia.[2] Opponents included Leopold Moore, a prominent politician and Advisory Council member.[2]


Choice Votes %
For 310 17.95
Against 1,417 82.05
Invalid/blank votes
Total 1,727 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Gelfand


A referendum was held in Southern Rhodesia in October, with voters offered the choices of responsible government or union with South Africa, with 60% voting for the former. In July 1923 the Advisory Council officially requested that Northern Rhodesia be made a Crown Colony, and in early 1924 an Order in Council was issued by the British Government, stating that the territory would get a Governor and Legislative Council.[1] Herbert Stanley became the territory's first Governor on 1 April 1924,[1] and a Legislative Council was created in the same year. Its members were initially appointed, until the first elections were held in 1926.


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