Northern Rhodesian general election, 1929

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General elections were held in Northern Rhodesia on 31 August 1929.[1] The number of elected seats on the Legislative Council was increased from five to seven, with new constituencies in Ndola and Livingstone.[1] One issue in the elections was the proposed amalgamation of the colony with neighbouring Southern Rhodesia.[1]

In Livingstone two members opposed to amalgamation with Southern Rhodesia were elected, defeating pro-amalgamation Labour Party candidates.[1] The member elected in Broken Hill claimed he was not yet in favour of a merger, whilst the rural Midlands and Southern constituencies returned the leading proponent of amalgamation and one opponent of the concept unopposed.[1] The member for Ndola was undecided on the issue, whilst the member for Fort Jameson was in favour of his region becoming part of Nyasaland.[1] The total results gave one member in favour, one "lukewarm" to the idea, three opposed and two neutral.[1]

The newly elected council held its first meeting on 8 November.[1]


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