Northern Rhodesian general election, 1941

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General elections were held in Northern Rhodesia on 29 August 1941.[1] All five Labour Party candidates won their seats.[2]

Electoral system

A new seat was created for Luanshya.[2]


Constituency Candidate Party Votes % Notes
Broken Hill Roy Welensky Labour Party Unopposed Elected
Eastern Thomas Spurgeon Page Unopposed Elected
Livingstone and Western F T Sinclair Labour Party Elected
Leopold Moore Defeated
Luanshya Michael McGann Labour Party Elected
I H Webb
Midland Hugh Kennedy McKee Unopposed Elected
Ndola F S Roberts Labour Party Elected
A Stephenson Defeated
Nkana Martin Visagie Labour Party Elected
A A Smith
Catherine Olds
Southern Richard Ernest Campbell Unopposed Elected
Source: East Africa and Rhodesia[2][3]


Following the elections S Gore-Browne was reappointed to the Legislative Council by the Governor as the member representing native interests.[2]


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