Lunga District

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Lunga District is one of the districts of Luapula Province in northern Zambia. It was declared a district in 2012. It comprises archipelago of islands in the Bangweulu Wetlands in the South East of Lake Bangweulu.

People and culture

The people of Lunga are Unga speaking and their language is in the Icibemba dialect. Their livelihood is fishing which they have been doing since time in memorial. They also do a lot of handcrafts such as making baskets from bamboos/grass, and also making clay pots and many rich traditional crafts that tourists may be interested in.

Their traditional ceremony is called Musubilwa-Mpemba and is celebrated annually at Chief Nsamba's palace. Lunga is home of the Kalela dance.


Lunga District has nineteen learning institutions. Thirteen (13) primary schools, five (5) community schools and one (1) private school.

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