Kawambwa District

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Kawambwa District
District location in Zambia
District location in Zambia
Country  Zambia
Province Luapula Province
Capital Kawambwa
Population (2000)
 • Total 102,503
Time zone CAT (UTC+2)

Kawambwa District is a district of Zambia, located in Luapula Province. The capital lies at Kawambwa, which lies at the intersection of three roads: D19, M13, and Kawambwa-Mbereshi. The Luapula River forms its boundary with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As of the 2000 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 102,503 people.[1]

Climate change led to both floods and drought in Kawambwa District in 2008, thus hampering the activities of subsistence farmers.[2]

Lusenga Plain National Park, which was converted from a hunting area, is an 880 square kilometer park in the district's northern corner.[3]


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