List of Vice Presidents of Zambia

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Vice-President of the
Republic of Zambia
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Coat of Arms
Inonge Wina.jpg
Inonge Wina

since 26 January 2015
Term length5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holderReuben Kamanga

The Vice President of Zambia is the second highest position in the executive branch of the Republic of Zambia. The Vice President was previously appointed by the President before the amendment of the constitution . Under the amended Constitution of Zambia assented to by Edgar Chagwa Lungu, when a sitting president dies, the Vice President automatically assumes the Presidency unlike when the constitution demanded holding of Presidential by-election within 90 days.[1] This is so because now every Presidential candidate shall pick a running mate for Vice President and the two will share the vote meaning voting for a President is an automatic vote for the Vice President.

Vice Presidents of Zambia


      United National Independence Party (UNIP)
      Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD)
      Patriotic Front (PF)

# Picture Name
Took office Left office Political Party
1 No image.png Reuben Kamanga
1964 1967 UNIP
2 No image.png Simon Kapwepwe
1967 1970 UNIP
3 No image.png Mainza Chona
1970 1973 UNIP
Post abolished (1973–1991)
4 Levy Mwanawasa.jpg Levy Mwanawasa
1991 1994 MMD
5 No image.png Godfrey Miyanda
(b. 1944)
1994 1997 MMD
6 No image.png Christon Tembo
1997 2001 MMD
7 No image.png Enoch Kavindele 2001 2003 MMD
8 Nevers Mumba 2015.jpg Nevers Mumba
(b. 1960)
2003 2004 MMD
9 No image.png Lupando Mwape 2004 2006 MMD
10 Rupiah Banda.jpg Rupiah Banda
(b. 1937)
9 October 2006 2 November 2008 MMD
11 No image.png George Kunda
2 November 2008 23 September 2011 MMD
12 Guy Scott.jpg Guy Scott
(b. 1944)
23 September 2011 28 October 2014 PF
13 Inonge Wina.jpg Inonge Wina
(b. 1941)
26 January 2015 Incumbent PF


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