2017 Kapalala market fire

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Kapalala Market on fire
DateAugust 30, 2017
CauseBrazier was left unattended to
Non-fatal injuries0
Suspect(s)Charcoal trader
ChargesCriminal negligence

The 2017 Kapalala market fire was a fire accident that occurred at a marketplace in Ndola. The Market is believed to be the largest market in Ndola.

The accident

The investigations conclude that the fire started after a brazier was left unattended to by one of the traders of the market after he went to offload charcoal that was being brought to the Market.

Fire fighters from the Ndola City Council, Luanshya Municipal Council, Indeni Petroleum Refinery and the National Airports Corporation battled the inferno for hours which was then quenched around 06:00 hours.[1]

The suspect was arrested and charged with criminal negligence contrary to section 372 chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. The suspect's name was withheld the to protect him from possible lynching from affected shop owners.


President Lungu directed Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale to find an alternative trading area for traders who lost property at the gutted Kapalala Market. He also directed that the temporary trading area should have all necessary amenities such as toilets.

The president also stated out that the Government will build a modern market at the trading area so that people can conduct their businesses in a conducive environment. [2]

Post accident

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