Cuthbert Ng'uni

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Cuthbert Ng'uni was a politician and Member of Parliament for Chipata under the United National Independence Party (UNIP).

Arrest and torture

At the beginning of March 1993, Ng'uni alongside Wezi Kaunda, Henry Kamima, Bonnie Tembo and twenty-one others were arrested under the Preservation of Public Security Regulations which came into force after a state of emergency was declared on 4 March 1993 to curb the Zero Option Plan.

It was alleged that Mr. Nguni was questioned without a break for 39 hours, during which time he was made to balance on two bricks, to perform exercises that involved spinning in one place to induce dizziness and that when he fell to the ground he was kicked.[1]


Cuthbert Ng'uni reportedly died of a ruptured kidney on 21 September 1994, an injury sustained in prison when police tried to force him to sign a confession.[2][3]


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