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Paul Ngozi
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Background information
Birth namePaul Dobson Nyirongo
Lusaka, Zambia
Years active1970s – 1980s.

Paul Ngozi (1949–1989), born Paul Dobson Nyirongo, was a popular Zambian musician. He rose to the top of the Zambian music scene in the 1970s and 1980s. He changed his last name to Ngozi, a word that means danger.

He first became popular as the band leader of the ‘Ngozi Family’, a band which made a mark as a top local rock group and was one of the first groups to have its music classified as Zamrock.

He earned his place as a ‘sharp’ social commentator because the themes of his music were usually very close to society’s own lives and therefore easy to relate to.

He is listed at number 81 of the most popular Zambians by The Zambian online newspaper.


Paul Ngozi Street in Kabwata

On 1 September 2018, the road which was commonly referred to as ZAOGA RD or St Patrick's Rd in Kabwata was renamed to Paul Ngozi Street in honour of the icon's enormous contribution to Zambian music. Gracing the occasion was Kabwata Constituency Member of Parliament Given Lubinda. Also present were various artists from the Zambia Association of Musicians, the late singer’s son Paul Ngozi Jr and scores of Kabwata residents.

Kabwata is the former residence of Paul Ngozi and Ackim Simukonda. Other late stars that have been named after streets in Kabwata include Joe Chibangu and Augustine Lungu.


Studio albums

  1. 45,000 Volts
  2. 99% Confusion
  3. Bad Character
  4. Day Of Judgment
  5. Happy Trip
  6. Heavy Connection
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. In The Ghetto
  9. Lightning And Thunder
  10. The Best of Paul Ngozi
  11. Viva Ngozi

Selected Singles

  1. Bauze
  2. Give Me A Hand
  3. HalfMweny-Half Muntu
  4. I've been looking for you/We were not told
  5. Kanyamata
  6. Kunali kamwana
  7. Kunisebanya
  8. Mulandu Wa Damage
  9. Musizani Yomunde
  10. Nshaupwa bwino
  11. Nyagondwe
  12. Size Nine
  13. Sooka iyo
  14. Sunka mulamu
  15. Timwenge tabenetabene
  16. Tikondane
  17. Ulemu
  18. Vikwati Vapa Telephone
  19. Vina bwela mo chedwa
  20. Yowowa

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