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If you believe an article about you or your.organization is incomplete, inaccurate, or biased, there are several avenues for you to.discuss the issue with Chalo Chatu's editorial community.

Location of the talk page tab

Chalo Chatu does not have a centralised author or content reviewer, and our content is maintained by volunteer editors. The people who have edited or who monitor your article are probably the best first point of contact. They can sometimes be reached by leaving a note detailing your issues on the article's "talk" page. This can be found by clicking the "Discussion" link at the top of your article. Once you're there, click the "new section" tab to the right of that. This will create a new section, where you can post your specific comments or concerns at the top of your new section to indicate your conflict of interest and ask for the edits to be done for you. Click "Save page", and your new section will be added immediately.

If you're interested in donating photographs to illustrate your article or adding a recording of your voice , you can upload them yourself and include them in the article. Please include the photograph in question, along with a statement that you own the copyright on it, and an agreement to release it under a free license. Our recommended license is the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license . If you don't own the copyright, please ask the photographer or copyright owner to send in a release instead. The "declaration of consent " may be used if desired.