Brian Mwale

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Brian Mwale is a Zambian journalist with a bias toward business, economic and financial news.

Brian Mwale at the launch of Maramentor in 2016 in Lusaka

Professional career

Brian is currently working at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation which is a national broadcaster running two television channels and three radio stations. He has had a footprint on the globe having reported from various parts of Africa and Europe. Brian spent five years at Muvi Television, a private TV station in Zambia, where he commenced his career. During his time at MuviTV he underwent various trainings across the globe with institutions such as DW-Akademie, CFI, BBC and Thomson Reuters Foundation meant to strengthening his career base involving technical and administrative side of the broadcast industry.

Personal life


He has won various awards and received a number of them as part of recognition of his works in society.