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IndustryFood, clothing
ProductsMeat, dairy, eggs, animal feed, leather
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Zambeef Products Plc is the largest integrated food processing and retailing company in Zambia. The group is principally involved in the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, milk, dairy products, eggs, stockfeed and flour. The group also has large row cropping operations (principally maize, soya beans and wheat), with approximately 8,120 hectares of row crops under irrigation which is planted twice a year and a further 8,480 hectares of rain-fed/dry-land crops available for planting each year. The group is also in the process of rolling out its West Africa expansion in Nigeria and Ghana, as well as developing a palm project in Zambia. It slaughters around 58,000 beef cattle, 53,000 pigs and six million chickens, and processes 10 million litres of milk per year. The company has 156 retail outlets throughout the country, along with three wholesale depots.

According to its website, Zambeef is the largest beef producer in Zambia.[1]The company also provides feedlot services, and manufactures milk, chicken, eggs, leather and shoes. The company operates a fast food restaurant chain and a trucking company, including a fleet of refrigerated trucks. Zambeef grows crops, including wheat, maize, lucerne and soybeans, grows feed, and operates stockfeed processing plants. Its subsidiaries include Master Meats Production Company, of Nigeria.[2] The company's export business is active, especially throughout southern Africa.

'Zambeef claims to have a good Corporate Social Responsibility programme, since 2007 it has supported the African football social enterprise Alive & Kicking, giving it space on its Zamleather site as well as start up contributions.[2]

Zambeef is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Lusaka Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of over US$70 million.[3]



  • Slaughters 100,000 cattle per year
  • Produces 7.4 million litres of milk per year
  • Processes 6.7 million chickens per year
  • Produces 39 million eggs per year
  • Produces 130,000 tons of feed per
  • Processes 100,000 hides per year
  • Operates over 100 retail butcheries
  • Operates the in-store meat departments of the Shoprite supermarket chain

Zambeef brands include:

  • Zambeef
  • Zamchick
  • Zamchick Egg
  • Zamchick Inns
  • Zamhatch
  • Zam Milk
  • Zamsip
  • Zamleather Limited
  • Zamshu

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