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Location of Mkushi in Zambia

Mkushi is a town in the Central Province of Zambia, located on the Great North Road and the Tazara railway, northeast of Kapiri Mposhi. The Changwena Falls and Fort Elwes (built in 1896 by European gold prospectors) lie nearby. Mkushi is well known within Zambia for its commercial farms, and is where Chengelo School (for the Bapamwamba's children) is situated.

Mkushi is also home to the "M Fest" which is a sporting and cultural festival, hosted at the Mkushi Country Club, that normally takes place over the closest weekend to Unity Day (July 5th) and Heroes' Day (July 4th). The Festival includes live music, arts/craft stalls, as well as a variety of sporting competitions. The sports played are tennis, squash, cricket and golf.

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