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Location of Mazabuka in Zambia

Mazabuka is a town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying south west of Lusaka, on the Lusaka-Livingstone Road and the railway to Livingstone. The town lies on the south east edge of the Kafue Flats wetland. The name Mazabuka originates from a Tonga local language word "Twazabuka" or "Kuzabuka" which means "To cross over the river". It is believed that the name was coined after the Tonga people Crossed the Magoye river during their migrations.

The town has grown around sugar cane plantations, and currently Zambia Sugar (Nakambala Estate run by Illovo Sugar) is Zambia's leading sugar producer. It lies near the Mwanachingwala Conservation Area. Its population in 2000 was estimated at 35,000.[1]

Features of Mazabuka

  • Musikili Primary School is a private boarding school for children between 5 and 13 years old.
  • Luyobolola Community School is a free primary school of Assumption Parish (see external links below).
  • ching'ang'auka primary school is an ordinary primary school. Near mwanamainda.
  • Mazabuka is the site of a large and important long-term test of preventive measures in the war against AIDS.
  • Mazabuka Municipal Council is the local authority located on Livingstone Road (T2).

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