Lunda language

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Native toZambia, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Native speakers
400,000 in Zambia and Angola (2001–2010)[1]
Significant but unknown number in Congo
Latin (Lunda alphabet)
Lunda Braille
Official status
Recognised minority
language in
Language codes
ISO 639-2lun
ISO 639-3lun

Lunda, also known as Chilunda, is a Bantu language spoken in Zambia, Angola and, to a lesser extent, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Lunda and its dialects are spoken and understood by perhaps 4.6% of Zambians (1986 estimate), and the language is used mainly in the Northwestern and Luapula provinces of Zambia. The majority of the Lunda can be found in DRC, especially Katanga Province, as well as in Angola. A small number of Lunda dialects are represented in Namibia.

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