List of power stations in Zambia

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Zambia has five large power stations, of which four are hydroelectric and one is thermal. A fifth hydroelectric power plant is under construction at Itezhi-Tezhi Dam (120MW) along with a coal powered power station at Maamba (300MW) as of 2015. There are also a number of smaller hydroelectric stations, and eight towns not connected to the national power transmission grid are served by diesel generators.

In 2014 the combined power generation from an installed capacity of 2,396MW was 14,453GWh, of which 91.2% came from hydroelectric plants.[1]

The majority of the plants are owned and operated by ZESCO, the national power utility.



Station Capacity (MW) Generation 2014 (GWh) Type Owner Notes
Kafue Gorge Upper 900 6,666 dam ZESCO
Kariba North Bank 600 4,999 dam ZESCO
Kariba North Bank Extension 360 1,162 dam ZESCO Peaking plant
Itezhi-Tezhi 120 dam ZESCO
Victoria Falls 108 811 run-of-river ZESCO
Mulungushi 32 198.2 dam LHPC (SN Power)
Lunsemfwa 24 98.8 dam LHPC (SN Power)
Lunzua 14.8 3.52 run-of-river ZESCO Upgraded from 0.75MW to 14.8MW in 2015
Lusiwasi 12 58.69 dam ZESCO
Chishimba Falls 6 23.68 run-of-river ZESCO
Musonda Falls 5 20.47 run-of-river ZESCO
Shiwa Ngandu 1 0.71 run-of-river ZESCO
Zengamina 0.7 run-of-river Zengamina Off-grid



Station Capacity (MW) Generation 2014 (GWh) Fuel Owner Notes
Ndola HFO 50 393.4 HFO Ndola Energy Company
Zambezi 2.35 2.5 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Kabompo 1.55 3.01 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Mwinilunga 1.5 3 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Lukulu 1.5 2.33 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Luangwa 1.5 2.64 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Shangombo 1 0.74 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Chavuma 1 1.06 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Mufumbwe 0.9 2.06 diesel ZESCO off-grid
Nakambala 40 biomass Zambia Sugar

Under construction

Station Capacity (MW) Fuel Owner Status
Maamba 300 coal Maamba Collieries Limited Commissioning 2015-2016


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