Kalambo River

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The Kalambo River forms part of the border between Zambia and Tanzania. It is a comparatively small stream which rises in the highlands north-east of Mbala at an elevation of about 1800 m and descends into the Albertine Rift, entering the southeastern end of Lake Tanganyika at an elevation of about 770 m, in a straight-line distance of only about 50 km. This accounts for its main claim to fame, its waterfall, Kalambo Falls, which is Africa's second highest (after South Africa's Tugela Falls). Below the falls, the river runs in a deep gorge.

For more details see Kalambo Falls, including coverage of the important archaeological sites discovered there.


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Coordinates: 8°24′S 31°18′E / 8.400°S 31.300°E / -8.400; 31.300