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This page describes the social media channels used for posting information useful to the Chalo Chatu community and explains how to post to these channels. The Chalo Chatu Foundation's Communications department manages several social media accounts. We are actively or semi-actively posting on the following:

Our operating rules

  • Topics we post about:
  • Retweeting: We will retweet some posts accounts. As a general rule, we rarely retweet other user accounts.
  • Likes: We occasionally like posts from other accounts
  • Replies: We will try to reply to as many as we can.
  • Timing: It is our goal to post from each account several times a week.

Please note, we feel it's important to operate conservatively on social media channels and seek to ensure our posts maintain a neutral POV.

Chalo Chatu Management

Jason J Mulikita

Founder of Chalo Chatu

Chabota Kanguya

Chalo Chatu's C.O.O

Martha Chilongoshi