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Welcome! to my talk page.

Please Let's keep it simple and straight to the point.


Zambia's first ever online encyclopedia called Chalo Chatu which was launched 1 June, 2016 to the public the encyclopedia aims to preserve the History and Pride of Zambia. In am interview with Jason Mulikita the founder of the online encyclopedia he said "As a country we haven't done so well in documenting our history. If you think about Zambian history , most of it is centered around independence as it was a big political and liberation movement that took place in 1964. But if you try to think and ask anyone about life before that, you will find that there is a blackout. Much of Zambia's history found in the public domain starts around the late 1950, but we know that there was life before that. So we are going as far back as possible to get this information as well as document what's happening in the present day."

The Chalo Chatu foundation is non-profit and charitable organization headquartered in Lusaka Zambia which runs the project to document all corners of Zambia. According to Chabota Kanguya the chief of operations at Chalo Chatu he says Chalo Chatu is a community of dedicated volunteers from Zambia or even the rest of the world to help document Zambia in any way possible. Chabota also say his passion to document Zambia made him to Wikipedia but says editing on Wikipedia is a big task now more then ever cause Wikipedia used to be for everyone, now it has just been narrowed down to small a group of frequent contributors who steamroll every decision that they don't agree with, and seek the self-destruction of Wikipedia, hence the rising number of stubs and declining number of articles.


How is this anything Pan African Radio


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