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Chalo Chatu Hall of Fame

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Chalo Chatu Hall of Fame
EstablishedMarch 22, 2018
FounderChalo Chatu Foundation
3 Politicians (3 members)
(3 total inductees)
WebsiteHall of Fame

The Chalo Chatu Hall of fame is an online gallery of Zambian personalities maintained by Chalo Chatu. It was announced on the 24 October 2017 to honour individuals, achievements chosen by a group of electors, to mark their fame in their field it was launched on 20 April 2018. Although a building has not yet been built to represent the Hall of Fame but the Chalo Chatu Foundation has looked into constructing a facility.


To be eligible for nomination, a person must have been a native born or naturalized (since 1940) citizen of the Zambia, must have been dead for 25 years (since 1930; from 1920 through 1945, a nominee had to be dead only 10 years) and must have made a major contribution to the economic, political, or cultural life of the nation.

Classification of honorees

Names are required to include representatives of a majority of 15 classes:

  • authors and editors
  • business men
  • inventors
  • missionaries and explorers
  • philanthropists and reformers
  • clergymen and theologians;
  • scientists
  • engineers and architects
  • lawyers and judges
  • musicians, painters, and sculptors
  • physicians and surgeons
  • politicians and statesmen
  • soldiers and sailors
  • teachers
  • distinguished men and women outside of these classes


  • Class headliners appear in boldface
Year Image Birth name Inducted by Chalo Chatu recognized accolades


Betty Kaunda None Saved Zambia's first lady from 1964 to 1991
Levy Mwanawasa.jpg
Mwanawasa, Levy Levy Mwanawasa None Saved as Zambia's Third president.
Simon Kapwepwe.jpg Kapwepwe, SimonSimon Kapwepwe None
Zanco Mpundu Mutembo.jpg Mutembo, Zanco MpunduZanco Mpundu Mutembo none The man who inspired Zambia’s Freedom Statue design

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