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Voiceless Woman
Voiceless Woman (album cover).jpg
Studio album by B Flow
Released11 July 2013 (2013-07-11)
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LabelMoney Music Records
ProducerB Flow
B Flow chronology
No More Kawilo
Voiceless Woman
Dear Mama

Voiceless Woman is the fourth studio album by Zambian recording artist B Flow, released on 24 September 2013 by Money Music Records.. For the production of the album, B Flow with various producers on the album.

Voiceless Woman is an Afro-pop, reggae and [1] R&B album aimed to educate and bring an end to the high domestic violence rates in Zambia, women being beaten and cheated on by their husbands. A United Nations report cites 5,236[2] cases of gender-based violence in 2011, including physical, emotional and sexual violence — and that's only looking at women age 15 to 50. He wanted to be the voice of women and he named his is third album, released in 2013 as Voiceless Women

Some critics gave the album positive reviews stating that it's the most educative album of 2013. At the 2014 Zambian Music Awards, it was named Best Dancehall Album and Most Educative Album.[3] Voiceless Woman spawned 14 singles, including the local hits Cry of a Woman, Voiceless Woman, Kawilo Reloaded and Somthing About a Woman

Music and lyrics

His goal on the album was to find songs that express the many things women want to say, but might not know how. In an interview, B Flow said, "Now I'm singing to express the experiences that women face and can't express themselves freely". Reggae dancehall, present in his debut album, subsequently continues into Voiceless Woman.

He used different genres including pop music and like the roots of his previous album, reggae and dancehall .

Lyrically the album's theme speaks of women's experiences. The album was widely addressed as the most educative album speaking about what what women go through.

The song Cry Of A Woman talks about woman he met in Luyansha and she complains to him and reminded home of his previous song Bubblegum Love and wished she could find a man like the one his song cause all the men she found are just the same everyone in terms of cheating and mistreating her.

"Something About A Woman" dealt with lyrics the first half of the song talking about how a man leaves his wife and kids at

The second half of the song talks about how a guy promises his girlfriend that they will be together forever but when he gets the news that she is pregnant he refuses and runs away from her.


The album's opening track "Lift Him Higher"is a gospel song which also fetures hip hop singer and song writer Slap D. In the song B Flow and Slap D sing and praise the Lord. The second track is "Cry of a Woman" featuring Judy O. The song is story like where B Flow


Cry of a Woman featured artist Judy and was sang in bemba and with some English in it the song talks about a cry of a woman who hasn't been able to get a faithful man.

""When you're trying to help society, people begin to think you're trying to say you're perfect. Some men would say, why are you on the side of women?"

—B Flow talking about the album's Voiceless Woman.

Voiceless Woman also features No More Kawilo from the his 2012 album No More Kawilo titled No More Kawilo Reloaded the that featured Maureen Lilanda and Danny Kaya. The song is translated as No More Loneliness. The song was sang in Bemba , Nyanja and some English in it.

Somthing About a Woman is a song sang in Bemba the song was to promote that a there is something about that


No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Lift Him Higher" (Intro)Brian Bwembya  03:34
2. "Cry of a Woman" (featuring Judy O)Brian Bwembya  05:06
3. "Hit & Run"  Brian BwembyaChnt- It-On 04:52
4. "Voiceless Woman"  Brian Bwembya  04:01
5. "Punching Bag"  Brian BwembyaChnt- It-On 03:27
6. "Side Plate"  B Flow  05:50
7. "Zimene"  B Flow  04:20
8. "Osamuchimwisa"  B Flow  03:23
9. "Shalapo"  B Flow  04:45
10. "Somthing About a Woman"  B Flow  05:18
11. "Ukwangala"  B Flow  04:05
12. "Kawilo Reloaded"  Brian  04:25
13. "Amanone"  Brian  03:33
14. "Umwana"  Brian  03:26
Total length:
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