United Church in Zambia

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The United Church in Zambia is the largest Protestant church in Zambia with coverage of all the ten provinces of the country [1] The church formed in 1965, this is a result of the union of Church of Central Africa, Rhodesia (a mission work of the Church of Scotland), the Union Church of Copperbelt, the Copperbelt Free Church Council, the Church of Barotseland and the Methodist church.[2]

The United Church in Zambia has partnership relations with the United Church of Canada.[3] The church maintains its own Theological Colleges in Zambia.[4]

The United Church in Zambia has 3,000 000 members in 1,060 congregations. The United church has Presbyterian church government with 9 presbyteries and a Synod. It is a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches and the World Methodist Council Close contacts with the Church of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church (USA) was established.[5]

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