Module:Infobox military conflict

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require('Module:No globals')

local infoboxStyle = mw.loadData('Module:WPMILHIST Infobox style')

local IMC = {} IMC.__index = IMC

function IMC:renderPerCombatant(builder, headerText, prefix, suffix) prefix = prefix or suffix = suffix or local colspans = {}

-- This may result in colspans[1] getting set twice, but -- this is no big deal. The second set will be correct. local lastCombatant = 1

for i = 1,self.combatants do if self.args[prefix .. i .. suffix] then colspans[lastCombatant] = i - lastCombatant lastCombatant = i end end

local jointText = self.args[prefix .. (self.combatants + 1) .. suffix]

if headerText and (colspans[1] or jointText) then builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :cssText(infoboxStyle.header_raw) :wikitext(headerText) end

-- The only time colspans[1] wouldn't be set is if no -- combatant has a field with the given prefix and suffix. if colspans[1] then -- Since each found argument set the colspan for the previous -- one, the final one wasn't set above, so set it now. colspans[lastCombatant] = self.combatants - lastCombatant + 1 builder = builder:tag('tr') for i = 1,self.combatants do -- At this point, colspans[i] will be set for i=1 unconditionally, and for -- any other value of i where self.args[prefix .. i .. suffix] is set. if colspans[i] then builder:tag('td') -- don't bother emitting colspan="1" :attr('colspan', colspans[i] ~= 1 and colspans[i] or nil) :css('width', math.floor(100 / self.combatants * colspans[i] + 0.5) .. '%') -- no border on the right of the rightmost column :css('border-right', i ~= lastCombatant and infoboxStyle.internal_border or nil) -- no padding on the left of the leftmost column :css('padding-left', i ~= 1 and '0.25em' or nil) -- don't show the border if we're directly under a header :css('border-top', not headerText and infoboxStyle.internal_border or nil) :newline() :wikitext(self.args[prefix .. i .. suffix]) end end end

if jointText then builder:tag('tr') :tag('td') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :css('text-align', 'center') -- don't show the border if we're directly under a header :css('border-top', (not headerText or colspans[1]) and infoboxStyle.internal_border or nil) :newline() :wikitext(jointText) end end

function IMC:renderHeaderTable(builder) builder = builder:tag('table') :css('width', '100%') :css('margin', 0) :css('padding', 0) :css('border', 0)

if then builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :css('padding-right', '1em') :wikitext('Date') :done() :tag('td') :wikitext( end

builder = builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :css('padding-right', '1em') :wikitext('Location') :done() :tag('td') :tag('span') :addClass('location') :wikitext( or '{{{place}}}') -- hack so that people who don't know Lua know that this parameter is required :done() if self.args.coordinates then builder:wikitext('
' .. self.args.coordinates) end builder = builder:done():done()

-- only for "Putsch"

   if self.args.action then

builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :css('padding-right', '1em') :wikitext(self.args.action and 'Action') :done() :tag('td') :wikitext(self.args.action) end

if self.args.status or self.args.result then builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :css('padding-right', '1em') :wikitext(self.args.status and 'Status' or 'Result') :done() :tag('td') :newline() :wikitext(self.args.status or self.args.result) end

if self.args.territory then builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :css('padding-right', '1em') :wikitext('Territorial
changes') :done() :tag('td') :newline() :wikitext(self.args.territory) end end

function IMC:render() local builder = mw.html.create() if self.args.campaignbox then builder = builder:tag('table') :css('float', 'right') :css('clear', 'right') :css('background', 'transparent') :css('margin', 0) :css('padding', 0) :tag('tr'):tag('td') end builder = builder:tag('table') :addClass('infobox vevent') :cssText(infoboxStyle.main_box_raw_auto_width) :css('width', self.args.width or '315px')

builder:tag('tr') :tag('th') :addClass('summary') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :cssText(infoboxStyle.header_raw) :wikitext(self.args.conflict or mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text) if self.args.partof then builder:tag('tr') :tag('td') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :cssText(infoboxStyle.sub_header_raw) :wikitext('Part of ' .. self.args.partof) end if self.args.image then builder:tag('tr') :tag('td') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :cssText(infoboxStyle.image_box_raw) :wikitext(string.format('%s%s%s', require('Module:InfoboxImage').InfoboxImage{args = { image = self.args.image, size = self.args.image_size, sizedefault = 'frameless', upright = 1, alt = self.args.alt }}, self.args.caption and '
' or , self.args.caption or )) end self:renderHeaderTable(builder:tag('tr'):tag('td'):attr('colspan', self.combatants)) self:renderPerCombatant(builder, self.args.combatants_header or 'Belligerents', 'combatant') -- can be un-hardcoded once gerrit:165108 is merged for _,v in ipairs{'a','b','c','d'} do self:renderPerCombatant(builder, nil, 'combatant', v) end

self:renderPerCombatant(builder, 'Commanders and leaders', 'commander') self:renderPerCombatant(builder, 'Units involved', 'units') self:renderPerCombatant(builder, 'Strength', 'strength') self:renderPerCombatant(builder, 'Political support', 'polstrength') self:renderPerCombatant(builder, 'Military support', 'milstrength') self:renderPerCombatant(builder, 'Casualties and losses', 'casualties')

if self.args.notes then builder:tag('tr') :tag('td') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :css('font-size', '90%') :css('border-top', infoboxStyle.section_border) :newline() :wikitext(self.args.notes) end if self.args.map_type then builder:tag('tr') :tag('td') :attr('colspan', self.combatants) :css('border-top', infoboxStyle.internal_border) :tag('center') :node(require('Module:Location map').main(self.frame, { self.args.map_type, relief = self.args.map_relief, lat = self.args.latitude, long = self.args.longitude, width = self.args.map_size or 220, float = 'center', border = 'none', mark = self.args.map_mark, marksize = self.args.map_marksize or 8, label = self.args.map_label, alt = self.args.map_alt, caption = self.args.map_caption or ('Location within ' .. self.args.map_type) })) end builder = builder:done() if self.args.campaignbox then builder = builder:done():done():tag('tr') :tag('td') :wikitext(self.args.campaignbox) :done() :done() end return builder end

function, args) if not args then args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, {wrappers = 'Template:Infobox military conflict'}) end local obj = { frame = frame, args = args }

-- until gerrit:165108 is merged, there's still a cap on combatants, but as soon as it merges, we can update this little bit of code to uncap it -- also, don't try to make this more efficient, or references could be in the wrong order obj.combatants = 2 for _,v in ipairs{, 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd'} do for i = 1,5 do if args['combatant' .. i .. v] then obj.combatants = math.max(obj.combatants, i) end end end

return setmetatable(obj, IMC) end

local p = {}

function p.main(frame) return end

return p