Lochinvar National Park

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Lochinvar National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Area428 sq km
Faidherbia albida growing with palms and maize crops in Burkina Faso.
Black-faced vervet monkey

The Lochinvar National Park lies south west of Lusaka in Zambia, on the south side of the Kafue River.

The national park straddles two of Zambia's ecoregions: Zambezian and Mopane woodlands in the south, and Zambezian flooded grasslands over most of the park. Habitats in the latter ecoregion include Chunga Lagoon and the Kafue Flats (floodplain), and drier grassland between floodplain and woodland dominated by termite mounds.

The park's northern boundary is marked by the Kafue River. In the south there are wooded hills. The park's total area is 428 square kilometers.[1]

The park is very similar to Blue Lagoon National Park on the other side of the Kafue on the northern flats.

A former ranch, the park was designated in 1972 and is known for its Kafue lechwe and birdlife, with over 400 species recorded. The other antelopes found here are blue wildebeest, kudu and oribi.[1] The antelope and birds thrive in the absence of larger predators, which have been killed off by ranchers in the area. In the southern area of the park, which is a stretch of woodland dominated by Acacia albida and Combretum trees, is spared from the flooding that occurs in other parts of the park. This drier area is home to species like the bushbuck, kudu, baboon, bushpig and vervet monkey.[1] Lochinvar is also home to hot springs, echoing rocks, remains of a Neolithic settlement and an Iron Age village on Sebanzi Hill, also known for its caves, ancient baobab and wildlife.

The old colonial-style farmhouse serves as the lodge for the park.

Origin of the name

Lochinvar is the name of a lake in Scotland.

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