Buumba Malambo

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Buumba Malambo
Buumba Milambo.jpg
Malambo at the 2015 Women4Africa Awards
Nationality Zambia
OccupationHumanitarian, social worker, politician
Known forBuumbalambo Foundation

Buumba Malambo is a Zambian humanitarian, social worker and politician. She is the councillor for Magoba ward in Kafue.

Early life and education

From the age of 15, Malambo was already involved in charity volunteer work with Judith Chikonde Foundation,[1] a Mufulira-based non-governmental organization established in 2006.[2] She participated in the maize distribution project where she was donating maize meal to the people of Mupambe Village during the typhoid outbreak in 2007, hence she was appointed as Mufulira Youth Secretary by Mufulira Town Clerk at age 15.[3] She then started her own charity a year later.

Malambo did her early education in Mufulira and later studied social work at the University of Zambia.


She serves as a member of the Ministry of Gender and Child Development National Co-ordinating Committee and has over the years worked with the ministry to organise events related to children such as the International Day of a Girl Child, Day of an African Child, Children Rights Day and Child Labour Day.

Charity and humanitarian

In 2012, Malambo started campaigning for children’s rights to education through Facebook, where she built up support and found a mentor. In 2013, her charity, Buumbalambo Foundation was registered as a charity and began to recruit volunteers.[4] Her foundation has been working on a project to stop early marriages in rural Zambia with the help of the Ministry of Gender and Child Development and the Ministry of Education. Since March 2015, her charity supported 435 children on a sponsorship programme and collected over 15000 clothes, toys and shoes from the University of Zambia, colleges, individuals and through the Radio Phoenix Helpline Project.

Her charity runs four projects: Mwana Apunzile Sponsorship Programme which gives provides a platform for people to choose a child and support their education; Sewing a Future Project helping young mothers to sew and make crafts that are sold locally and internationally to help raise funds for them to support their children’s education. Through traditional leaders her charity was given land to build a community school, resource centre and develop a farm in Gelemiya Village. The Pop a Future Project empowers young people with employment through skills, ICT and popcorn machines.[5]

In June 2015, Malambo was on the Queen Young Leaders Advisory Panel where she met the Queen at Buckingham Palace. She has participated in a number of child advocacy platforms around the world.


Malambo being sworn in as Magoba Ward Councillor in 2016

Malambo participated in the August 2016 elections and won to become counsellor for Magoba ward in Kafue under the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Advocacy and representation

Due to her contribution to the education sector in Zambia, she was selected to meet the president of Malta during the Commonwealth Youth Council Meeting to seal the gap and make collaborations of youth activities between Zambia and Malta. She was also selected to represent the youths during Guy Rider's (from International Labour Organisation) first visit to Zambia.


Malambo became the first and youngest Zambian to win the Women4Africa Award in 2015. Other awards include the Africa Arising Award 2015, Zambia Woman of the Year Awards 2016, Mwape Peer Award 2015, the African international Achievers Award 2014, Voice of Youth Africa Award 2013 in London, Nigeria and America.